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Last week we went to Melbourne, Australia

The StarTripper Traveling Teams are professional Travelers. Together we are creating our Guide to the Good Life, a living Notebook of good Restaurants and fine Hotels - written by Travelers for Travelers.

From Canada's wilderness to the South America's rhythm, from ancient Europe to Asia's mystery, all the beloved cities are a great adventure to explore. From ancient capitals to modern metropolises, our Traveling Teams are always looking for the whole package — history, culture, exciting cuisine, modernity, and fine shopping. It’s a tall order, but the world’s best cities offer these and more.

Latest up-dates are Houston, Chicago, Madrid, New York, Hamburg and Bordeaux.


From Canada and USA to South America, iconic landmarks, action-packed adventure, breath-taking views, great cities, the world’s best shopping, dazzling nightlife or total relaxation.

The sunny Pacific boasts a delicious sun-ripened produce, grown in fertile valleys and used by chefs to create “California cuisine”, fresh, local ingredients – fresh seafood – and a lot of world class wine.
The Northeast is rocky coasts and sparkling city lights – where fishers ply chilly waters for meaty shellfish – and major cities tempt diners with gleaming restaurants, acclaimed chefs and world class gourmet.
The Midland is farmers land – delicious beef and vegetables – in the countryside farm-to-fork cuisine, but in major cities international gourmet at its best.

The American Cities have it all.

Latest updates are Houston, Dallas, New York, Chicago, Philadelphia.


Old Europe – from the Scandinavian fjords in the North, Russia in the East, the Scottish highland in West and the warm Turkey in South - the beginnings of civilization can be traced to very ancient times – great old cities – charming Rome, spring in Paris, business in London, art in Berlin and the mysterious Istanbul – hard working people, but an easy lifestyle, snow and skiing wintertime, beautiful green summers, wonderful gastronomic food and a very good living.

Old Europe – the most and best traveling adventures you can have. And make time for shopping from all the famous fashion houses.

Latest up-date are Madrid, Hamburg, Bordeaux, Amsterdam and Stockholm.


Asia – the world’s largest and the most populous continent, approximately 4.5 billion people – from Russia and China to Iran and Iraq – a very old culture where eastern philosophy and religion plays a major role in art, music, cuisine, and literature.
The Asian population certainly knows how to shop – the 10 largest shopping malls in the world are all located in Asia – where you can buy everything from the latest design to cans of fresh air.

Australia, a wonderful new World in the southern hemisphere – with warm summer in December, January and February. Great cities with wonderful beaches, surfer’s and wine taster’s paradise, and maybe the best shopping in the world.
Australia is the smallest continent by size and terms of population, but a unique animal life – the koala, the platypus and the kangaroo – so go and explore the countryside as well as the wonderful cities.

Latest up-dates are Singapore, Hong Kong, Chiang Mai and Bangkok


Home to the Cradle of Civilization, the Middle East has seen many of the world's oldest cultures and civilizations. This history started from the earliest human settlements, continuing through several major pre- and post-Islamic Empires through to the modern collection of states covering the Middle East today – the magical meeting place of East and West with more top attractions than it has minarets – and that's a lot.

So far we have visited Turkey and Morocco and we do like to present these three beautiful cities.

Latest up-date is Istanbul.