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The StarTripper Team

The StarTripper Team are independent dedicated travellers who really seek the best. The Team never preannounce their visit and never make any comments on site. Yearlong experience in travelling, hotels and restaurants are the basis for the presentations :

a. The StarTripper Journal presents Luxuries and First Class Hotels in the City Centre, in the vibrant shopping and cultural area of the City.

b. The StarTripper Journal presents Gourmet Restaurants in or within reasonable distance from the City Centre. Key word is Gourmet. If necessary we accept a short travelling distance.

Even if we do our outmost to keep the Journal updated, we cannot be everywhere at all times in all countries. Hoteliers, restaurateurs and chefs may change style or cuisine, and establishments may even close down without notice. If you experience any incorrect information or non-satisfactory service or cuisine, please contact the StarTripper Journal at once.

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