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The Best Restaurants in Canberra

The StarTripper Journal presents the best places to dine in Canberra, both International gourmet and good Australian food.
Our Team to Canberra are professional European travelers.

They love the land “down under”, and they loved to pack a lot into their short break in Canberra. They soared above Australia’s capital in a hot air balloon, hiked the city surrounds, sampled cool-climate wines, and discovered foodie hotspots.

Canberra ("meeting place" or "hollow between a woman's breasts") is the capital of Australia, a compromise in the middle between Sydney and Melbourne, an entirely planned city featured geometric motifs, architects the Griffin's, both members of the garden city movement. The natural surroundings make Canberra a true city in a park, offering a mix of experiences for visitors who want the best of both worlds.

Canberra has a highly educated young population and the arts scene is alive and kicking with a multitude of galleries and markets to explore – from the slick and chic NewActon area, to the cool, hip vibe of Braddon.

Go to the Old Bus Depot Markets in Kingston – Canberra's national award winning indoor Sunday market and experience the talent and creativity of regional arts and craftspeople – 200 stalls offering unique handcrafted items, gourmet take home food, and regional wines.

At Canberra Centre, in Bunda Street right in the heart of the city, a stunning range of over 260 specialty stores are located. And experience local and international cuisine at Canberra Centre's North Quarter - where dining and entertainment culture thrive day and night with an array of award winning restaurants and Premium Class Cinemas.

Go to Canberra, Australia’s capital, to discover Australia’s history and way of life.

Currency is Australian Dollar (AUD)

The StarTripper Journal Recommends these Restaurants:
Restaurant Courgette – centrally located – is one of Canberra’s most gorgeous restaurants, the ideal choice for an occasion that requires everything to be perfect. Courgette is a luxurious restaurant with a sophisticated ambience. Lounge like chairs invite diners to settle in and savour both the food and the setting at their own unhurried pace.

Courgette offers you four beautifully presented dining rooms. The Garden room is Courgette’s most desirable dining space – looking out onto the beautiful maple tree garden – is the perfect atmosphere for all kind of celebrations.

Owner and Chef James Mussillon is preparing his ingredients with a Frenchman’s finesse to extract their fullest flavours. The menus evolve from the bottom up – he seeks out the freshest fare available in any given season, and takes his creative cue from there. Glazes, sauces, foams and emulsions are the foils with which he enhances his raw materials, ever inventing a new combination to excite the taste buds.

The staff are dedicated to assist you with your menu planning and wine pairing. Excellent cuisine.

54 Marcus Clarke Street
Restaurant Aubergine Restaurant Aubergine is located in the leafy green suburb of Griffith – a beautiful intimate restaurant, with high ceilings, beautiful lights and simple, elegant decor which allows the product of creative and interesting food to shine.

Chef Ben Willis and his wife Andrea keep the ideas and creativity in the menu evolving by regularly communicating with farmers and producers about what they have that excites them. The food style is contemporary with a classic background. The kitchen is supplied by local farmers and benchmark suppliers that deliver the freshest produce that day. That means the menu is updated daily.

The wine list has over 500 labels of interesting and classic wines – it shows the same philosophy of using local and smaller growers that produce fine interesting wines.

Excellent cuisine – top service.

18 Barker Street

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