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The Best Restaurants in Santiago de Chile

The StarTripper Journal presents the best places to dine in Santiago, both International gourmet and good South American choices.
Our team to Santiago are two business women traveling a lot in South America.

Santiago de Chile, a metropolis with a view. Cosmopolitan, surprising energetic, sophisticated and worldly, Santiago is a city of exiting cultural currents, madhouse parties, expansive museums and top restaurants.

Founded in 1541 by the Spanish conquistador Pedro de Valdivia, Santiago has been the capital city of Chile since colonial times. The city has a downtown core of 19th-century neoclassical architecture and winding side-streets, dotted by art deco, neo-gothic, and other styles. Santiago's cityscape is shaped by several stand-alone hills and the fast-flowing Mapocho River.

The climate is Mediterranean, with mild winters and very warm and dry summers. It's a wonderful city for strolling, each neighborhood has its unique flavor and tone. Head out for the day to take in the museums, grand architecture and pedestrian malls of the Centro, before nightlife takes off in the sidewalk eateries, cafes and beer halls of Barrios Brasil, Lastarria and Bellavista, or head east to Providencia and Las Condes and find world-class restaurants and hotels.

Currency is Chilean peso (CLP$).

The StarTripper Journal Recommends these Restaurants:
Bristol A stylish restaurant with white tablecloths, silver, crystal and fresh flowers. Located in the heart of the city restaurant Bristol is a special place that makes your business lunches or family dinners a unique moment.

Executive Chef Axel Manríquez work with small farmers who sell unique products, and he and his kitchen brigade serve excellent sophisticated dishes like marinated scallops over octopus carpaccio and cold tomato-and-pepper sauce. The restaurant offers an exquisite gastronomic menu that includes appetizers, soups, main courses of meat or fish and exquisite desserts.

The restaurant doesn't have much of a view, but the wonderful colorful dishes on your plate makes up for it and more. So, go to hotel Plaza San Francisco and enjoy the best of modern Chilean Cuisine.

Very professional service, excellent sophisticated cooking.

A. Libertador Bernardo
O´Higgins 816
Ambrosia Take a ride from downtown to Vitacura and find Ambrosia in Pamplona street, the courtyard when you enter is completely tranquil and zen like. Inside the decor is very casual in contrast to the menu which is quite sophisticated.

Ambrosía is a modern family Bistro – outside the classic gastronomic circuit – where fresh market produce leads a menu that changes every day according to what is in season.

Chef Carolina Bazán and her team serve divine tastes and textures, for example the fois gras which is grated and paired with a wonderful apple compote. All dishes are memorable and superbly presented – the quality of the ingredients is excellent.

Ambrosia delivers haute cuisine in a family and friendly atmosphere. A menu that changes daily privileging the fresh ingredients of the season, a varied selection of wines, good music, a beautiful garden and love for what they do.

Excellent cooking !

Pamplona 78
Dollar SIGN
OX Chile is world-famous for its meat-based gastronomy, and OX is Santiago’s best grill. OX features Chile’s best meats: superior quality Angus or Wagyú, perfectly marbled, unbeatably intense.

In OX’s kitchen, nothing is left to chance, the sophisticated and meticulous team of chefs with international experience uses only fine raw ingredients carefully selected to offer a unique, delicious, world-class experience to diners. Every detail is prepared with the aim to deliver unique, intense, fresh and organic tastes.

OX’s wine list features Grand Reserve wines from the best terroirs in Chile, plus imported wines from Italy and Argentina.

There’s nowhere to go after OX. Travelers, with the most elite tastes, turn to OX time and time again for a meaningful, unbeatable dining experience in a cosmopolitan and informal setting.

Nueva Costanera 3960
Azul In a street near Cerro San Cristóbal in trendy Bellavista, this two-level dining room – with decoration that reminds of ancient ships and marine legends, and racks of wine stretching to the ceiling – stands out in the crowd.

This is the place for fish-lovers. Choose your fish from the extensive menu – here you can try dishes with fish and seafood like ceviches, chupes, parmesan machas – swordfish, sea bass, shark, salmon, and tuna – and enjoy it a la plancha (grilled) or a la lata (served on a sizzling plate with tomatoes and onions).

A quiet place where you can taste the best of the sea in an environment full of poetry and art, followed with a great wine list, a place to spend an unforgettable evening with friends.

Seafood, excellent cooking.

Constitucion 111
Le Bistrot Le Bistrot is one of the best French-inspired bistros in Santiago. In the heart of Providencia, a welcoming environment mixing old-time gastronomy with the great French classics. Le Bistrot has managed to bring a slice of France to Chile, and conquered Chilean tastebuds with gourmet dishes in the bistrot style.

The menu is a delicious journey across French gastronomy, spiced up with more traditional Chilean dishes. La Bistrot is very popular among both locals and travelers.

Ostras calientes gratinadas al sabayón and Caracoles en salsa de roquefort is a must for foodis.

Very serviceminded staff, excellent cooking.

Santa Magdalena 80
CAPPERI A real Italian pizzeria in a beautiful house in Santiago's Italia district. Capperi has a multicultural team led by its Italian owner, Franco de Berardinis, famous for their pastas and pizzas, Capperi! boasts a good wine list, Italian cocktails and an urban setting, and the terrace offers diners the chance to refresh and relax in an Italian way in the evenings.

The kitchen team interprets the flavors of Italy, an interaction with nature through hand-made products, based on fresh, natural ingredients made in the moment. The menu offers typical Italian dishes; appetizers, gnocchi, risotto and pizza.

Great staff and excellent food with buffalo mozzarella, burrata and parmesan cheese, pomodoro tomatoes and prosciutto ham.

Av. Italia 1463

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